Monday, November 30, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year-Photo Essay

During the Thanksgiving break, I had the opportunity to photograph a holiday event.

This group of pictures tells a story of a Christmas Celebration in the small historic district of Panama City, Florida. This celebration represents the efforts of city planners to revitalize this historic area. Harrison Avenue was a central meeting place and shopping area here until the 1970s. Sears and J C Penney department stores brought people to this downtown street. When the mall came to town, the two large stores moved out and people did not come to the downtown area as often. The city planners have worked to bring visitors back to this beautiful area by offering markets, music, and events such as this one called “Home for the Holidays”. Visitors enjoyed horse drawn carriage rides with narrated history lessons, the mesmerizing voices of the “A Cappella Ensemble” from the Callaway Assembly of God, a market square where local vendors could showcase and sell their crafts; and even a visit with Mr. And Mrs. Claus! This celebration was a treat for all ages.

Historic downtown Panama City's Clock.

Santa's little helper.

The horse drawn carriage rides.

The voices of the “A Cappella Ensemble” from the Callaway Assembly of God.
A little boy that was very excited to talk to Santa.

The very famous Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Black Friday

On November 27th, also known as Black Friday, I waited in line at the Best Buy in Panama City, Florida for their doors to open at 5 am. I decided that I wanted to document the madness of Black Friday so I started shooting pictures. Unfortunately, there were not any fights over a television or a computer. Most of the customers in the store were very mature; and I only saw a few leave empty handed or frustrated. The gentleman in the picture below never went into the store. He was trying to make an extra dollar cooking hot plates of breakfast and serving hot cocoa off the back of his truck.

The customers above were at the front of the line and were very excited about getting their new computers.

This customer fell asleep while protecting his television from being taken away.

The customers quest for good deals at Best Buy came to an end as they paid for their merchandise.

The door watcher checked every single receipt to make sure no one stole anything.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Photo Illustration

The picture below is my photo illustration. The two images below it are the original pictures. I achieved this through using the magic wand in photoshop and edited down the women with the wand to the finest detail. I then used the free transform tool to move the bodies of the women to the bus picture. After that, I just changed the size, played with the levels of the lighting, and saved my final image.

You might notice that in Florida Kangaroo's are not out in the open like the regular squirrel would be. With that said, I used the magic wand on a picture of a kangaroo I had taken earlier in the year and I thought it would be funny to throw it in to this illustration.

Thank you to the beautiful models in the picture to the right. They would not give me their names, but they were more than happy to pose for me.

This photo is of the bridge at The Mission of Number de Dios. I enhanced the saturation to make the bridge and some of the trees pink. Then I went into color balance to make the rest of the trees a greenish color so that everything would not be pink.

Friday, November 20, 2009


These photo's represent anger. This is group 8's class assignment.

In group 8: Merideth Pack, Sara Brown, and Nate Hill.
Thanks to Daniel Knop for being the model.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fashion Photos

The idea I had in my mind when creating the fashion photo was a mix between the black and white advertisements one might see for Chanel and the other was to portray The Great Gatsby era. I am thankful for the beautiful day when I took these pictures. The magnificent light of the day provided the look I envisioned for these pictures.

Modeling in these photo's is Christie Simon.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Environmental Pollution

Keeping Green Clean involves not only recycling energy and cans but also by keeping our Earth free of pollutants. Everyday people litter by throwing trash outside their cars or dropping papers while walking. Everyday that this happens the Ozone layer decreases.

These photos were taken in the grass areas at the bottom of the Vilano bridge.

This photo demonstrates how the earth is strong and survives even with trash around.

Please help in picking up trash you see laying on the ground and throwing it away. Every piece of trash thrown away is one step closer in saving our Earth.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen speaks to Flagler College Communication Students about students furthering their education in Film Graduate School and Florida State University's Film Program.